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SSP-09 Pro-biotics For Special Animal Feed (concentration)


Efficiency Component:

Multiple package is plant lactobacillus,enterococcus, bacillus subtil-lis,bacillus licheninformis, zymic,functional peptide and UGF.

Total number of living bacterium effectively:≥2×10(10 times)cfu/g



1.Enhance balance in intestine according to efficiency combined by lactobacillus and bacillus,promote protatic multiply like bifidobacterium,inhibit Pathogenic bacteria,prevent bacterial diarrhea of special economy animals.

2.Improve feed application rate and exchange rate,promote skin plate thickness,rising length of aciulum and density of villus,also improve villus depth and soft.

3.Enhance immunity,efficiency improve soothing anti-stress and Cub survival rate,health level,also improve multiply power of sacred cow.

          4.Reduce the elimination of the organic matter and peculiar smell at animals,efficiency lower escherichia coli and salmonella in faeces,Reduce concentration of NH and other noxious gas in the animal house,lower morbidity of respiratory tract.

          5.Reduce stress active like tear fur,self-bite,parorexia etc.

6.With antibiotics could reduce the side effect of antibiotics.

7.Excellent prevent function for epidemic disease base on long term use.

8.None incompatibility,Safety and efficiency,no drug residues.


 Mechanism of action:

 Keep normal mic-bio system in intestine

secretion organic acid,vitamin,digestive enzyme etc,could rising absorb of nutrition matters.

Efficiency protect intestinal mucosa avoid to hurt,reduce disease of digestive tract

Stimulate the immune organ growth and development,Improve the disease resistance

Rising the ability to resist stress.

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